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Acupuncture is based on the theory that qi travels through the body along pathways or “meridians.” The meridians run along the arms and legs as well as through the internal organs and head. When the flow of qi is impeded, the qi stagnates in the area and creates imbalance. Acupuncture needles are inserted at points along the meridians to stimulate movement of qi, restoring the smooth flow that allows the body to be healthy. Because all meridians have an external pathway which is accessible to the acupuncture needles, as well as internal organ associations, acupuncture can be effective on a wide variety of disorders from musculoskeletal pain to digestive disorders to systemic diseases.

The acupuncture points used are in very specific places on the body. The most commonly used points are located on the scalp and ears, on the arms from the elbows to the fingers, and on the legs from the knees to the toes. Thus acupuncture can be done effectively in a reclining chair or on a table. In a private session on a massage table, acupuncture may also be applied to the back. Additionally, cupping, guasha (gentle scraping of the skin), or tuina massage might be employed during a private session.

Acupuncture can provide pain relief, stress reduction, balance, and increase in vitality.

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